Hi! My name is Diane and I'm your Web Concierge.

About Me

What keeps you awake at night? What problem can I help you solve? Are you concerned that you'll lose business to a competitor? The one with the incredible expensive-looking website? Does your current site need a make-over? Or maybe you want a brand new mobile-responsive state-of-the-art site? Maybe you just want to grow your customer base? Maybe you want more of your site's "visitors" to become customers?

I'm a creative and a natural "figure outer" (my son's words). I LOVE to problem-solve and share what I've learned. Designing and creating unique digital experiences, combined with solution-oriented focus, results in a business solutions expert who resolves issues by analyzing, designing, developing and educating.

I've been designing, developing and administering websites since 2003. I hold a Master of Science degree in Information Technology, so I understand business models, e-commerce, project management, IT service management and best practices.

I make it a point to understand your specific needs and expectations, and eliminate the pain-points you're experiencing, by:

  • Analyzing your current website, if you have one.
  • Exploring the way things are vs. the way you want them to be. (The "Performance Gap")
  • Designing your site according to the current performance gap, your requirements, your timeline and your budget.
  • Listening to your concerns, and advising you about your options.

My specialty is custom building mobile-responsive websites and e-stores; leveraging custom code to achieve your business vision and mission.


Programming Skills

Bootstrap / Mobile Responsiveness
Merchant / Shopping-Cart Software
SASS / Scout